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About Walmer

Although most people would consider the Walmer of today a relatively quiet mainly residential seaside town, it certainly had a turbulent past.

Julius Caesar and his legions are said to have first landed on Walmer beach in 55BC. Ruins around the old St Mary's Church, in the original Walmer Village area, are linked to the Norman Conquest and the Auberville family who came with the invasion.

Following his quarrel with the Pope and fearful of invasion, Henry VIII ordered the building of the 'Three Castles which keep The Downs' - Deal, Walmer and Sandown - in 1540. In the Civil War, they were taken by Cromwell, within 13 days.

Today, Walmer Castle and its beautiful formal gardens are a major attraction for visitors. The official residence of Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports since the 18th Century, the building is now an English Heritage property and features a collection of memorabilia of the Duke of Wellington, of Battle of Waterloo fame, who made Walmer his home for 23 years.

As part of the long-distance Saxon Shore Way, the unspoilt shingle beach is especially popular with walkers and cyclists, taking advantage of an extensive hard-surfaced promenade. Excellent views of Channel shipping and the coast of France, the prospect of free summertime band concerts and a range of services on The Strand are among the other attractions.

Walmer's close neighbour, the town of Deal, provides excellent shopping and leisure facilities. For many visitors, exploring the picturesque rows of cottages between the High Street and the seafront is a special delight. Deal also has one of the south-east's few remaining piers, popular with anglers and said to be the same length as the Titanic!

Walmer Statistics
Walmer Parish land area 939 acres (380 hectares)
Population* total: 6,693 persons (comprising 3,158 males and 3,535 females)
Total number of households* 3,067
Council tax

Levied by Dover District Council. The amounts include precepts for Dover Council, Kent County Council, the Kent Police Authority and Walmer Parish Council. Dover Council's website has more details...

(* source: 2001 census)
For detailed statistics based on the 2001 Census, see the National Statistics website at www.statistics.gov.uk/census2001/
Update - data from the 2011 Census
2011 Census: Change in local population from 2001 to 2011
Urban Area
2001-2011 change
number %
Area (Ha) 2001
Total 4 Wards 28,768 30,085 1,317 4.6% 1,701 16.91 17.69
Middle Deal and Sholden 7,236 7,414 178 2.5% 956 7.57 7.76
Mill Hill 7,614 7,851 237 3.1% 283 26.90 27.74
North Deal 7,225 7,386 161 2.2% 132 54.73 55.95
Walmer 6,693 7,434 741 11.1% 330 20.28 22.53
(source: 2011 census data published by Kent County Council)
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