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Local News Archive: July to December 2007
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Walmer Parish Councillors have agreed to press for several new pedestrian crossing points on the A258 Dover Road. They are asking the local roads body, the Dover Joint Transportation Committee, to include safer arrangements for pedestrians at the Downlands and Granville Road junctions in their current A258 Study. They also felt there would be a need for a crossing point to serve Deal Castle and the new Captain's Garden when it opened. Councillors also expressed concern at the length of time being taken to relocate the bus stop south of Downlands on the Dover Road from its current dangerous position.  (December 18, 2007)


It looks like the efforts of local residents to save the Great Mongeham and Upper Deal sub-post offices from closure have failed. In October, both were included on a list of 58 post offices in Kent facing closure. After a public consultation period, only two in the county - at Hawkhurst and Cliff’s End near Ramsgate - have been spared.

As well as the branches in the Deal area that will shut next year, there are three branches in Dover: the Duke of York’s School, New Bridge and Tower Hamlets.  (December 8, 2007)



A round-up of local services over the Christmas and New Year period....

The main council offices at Whitfield will be closed from 5pm on Monday 24 December to 9am on Wednesday 2 January.
The Deal area office will close at 4.30pm on Monday 24 December, and reopen at 9am on Wednesday 2 January.
There is an emergency line over this period on 01304 821199.

All refuse and recycling collection days are "as normal" except:
Refuse: No collections on Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 December. (The two weeks' refuse will be taken on Tuesday 1 and Wednesday 2 January respectively.)
Black Box Recycling: No collections on Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 December. (The black box collections will resume on Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9 January respectively.)
Green Waste Recycling
: There will be no collections between Saturday 21 December and Sunday 6 January inclusive. Collections restart Monday 7 January. Collection times may vary so please ensure waste is out for collection by 7am.

Deal Pier will be closed all day on Tuesday 25 December (Christmas Day) and Wednesday 26 December (Boxing Day) and Tuesday 1 January (New Year's Day).
Other opening times over the holiday period are:
Sunday 23, Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 December: 8am-12midnight;
Mondays 24 and 31 December: 8am-4pm;
Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 December: 8am-10pm; and
Wednesday 2 January: 8am-10pm.

For more details, see the Dover District Council website.  

The Dover and Tides leisure centres, run by Vista Leisure for Dover District Council, will operate as follows:
Sunday 23, Saturday 29, and Sunday 30 December: open 8am-12midnight;
Monday 24 December (Christmas Eve): open 8am-4pm;
Tuesday 25 December (Christmas Day) and Wednesday 26 December (Boxing Day): closed;
Monday 31 December (New Year's Eve): open 8am-4pm;
Monday 1 January (New Year's Day): closed; and
Tuesday 2 January: open 8am-10pm.

The Parish Office will be closed from 2.30pm on Friday 21 December to 9am on Wednesday 2 January.

Services by local bus operator, Stagecoach:

Normal services up to Sunday 23 December.
Monday 24 December (Christmas Eve): normal Saturday timetable; most buses finishing about 9pm.
Tuesday 25 December (Christmas Day) and Wednesday 26 December (Boxing Day): no services on both days.
Thursday 27 to Saturday 29 December: normal Saturday timetables.
Sunday 30 December: normal Sunday timetable.
Monday 31 December (New Year's Eve): Saturday timetable; most buses finishing by 9pm.
Tuesday 1 January (New Year's Day): no buses except for routes 10, 22A and 25A which will be running to a Sunday timetable.
Wednesday 2 January: normal Monday to Friday school term timetable resumes.

For more information: 08456 002299 or see the company's website

South Eastern Trains services are as follows:
Tuesday 25 December (Christmas Day) - no services.
Wednesday 26 December (Boxing Day) - no services (apart from a few special services nearer London).
The rail company will operate modified services from Monday 24 December to Tuesday 1 January inclusive. To check times, see the rail timetable website .

Details of local church services at Christmas, will be included in December's coming events when available.

Recommended final posting dates for UK mail:
Friday 14 December for Standard Parcels
Monday 17 December for Second Class letters
Thursday 20 December for First Class letters
Friday 21 December for Special Delivery (Saturday guarantee)
Saturday 22 December for Special Delivery.

International Airmail final posting dates are:
Friday 7 December for South & Central America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Far East (except Japan), Australia and New Zealand
Monday 10 December for USA, Canada, Japan and Eastern Europe
Thursday 13 December for Western Europe*.

(December 5, 2007)



Forget expensive visits to the gym! A group of volunteers who meet on the first Sunday of each month throughout the year to help clear the scrub and tidy up Hawkshill Common reckon their monthly sessions are a great way to get fit as well as help the environment. It's vital work to keep this local chalk grassland area at the southern end of Walmer looking good.

Anyone who wants to join in a first-Sunday-in-the-month session should turn up at 10am in the car parking area off Liverpool Road (opposite the junction with Grams Road). Tools are provided but people need to bring their own refreshments and come suitably dressed for physical work. The group also plans to meet on the third Monday evening of each month during the summer. For more details call Stan Stockley on 01304 373304.   (November 30, 2007)



Representatives from Walmer Parish Council will be touring the area in the week commencing Monday, 10 December looking for the most attractive displays of Christmas lights. Now in its fifth year, the competition is open to all residents and businesses putting on a festive display that can be seen from the street.

The winners will be announced just before Christmas when the chairman of the parish council, Cllr Pat Heath, will present a cup to the winner and certificates to the two runners-up. To nominate your own house or business (or a neighbour’s) contact Christine Pile at the Parish Office on 01304 381506 before Friday, 7 December 2007.   (November 30, 2007)



A Walmer resident has come up with the answer to the location of a building thought to be in this area and once used as a military convalescent home. Mrs Pamela Cane contacted WalmerWeb to say a photograph of the building published on this website was of what, today, is the Generals Meadow Care Home in St Clare Road, Walmer. She explained that the building was indeed a convalescent home many years ago and is currently a care home for retired military personnel. The turrets of the church peeking over the roof in the old photo are those of the St Mary's parish church. (You can see a recent photo of the church in our Upper Walmer #2 photo album.)

Mrs Cane's helpful information has now been passed on to Mr John Pearcy from North Yorkshire who contacted WalmerWeb to seek help in researching the history of his grandfather who served in the First World War. The soldier had been seriously injured and spent some time recovering in Sandwich and Walmer. There was a photo of one of the places but no indication of its exact location. WalmerWeb operator Harold Wyld said it was a good example of how local community websites could assist people in seeking and sharing information.   (November 28, 2007)



Despite a local campaign and 4,500 signatures on a petition to save the local Flicks cinema, the owners, FS Leisure, have said it will close on Thursday, 29 November. The company is reported to have claimed that the small cinema is no longer financially viable and it currently has no plans for future use of the building.   (November 22, 2007)



Walmer Parish Council's website has a new look. The changes are among the first to be rolled out for all the Kent parishes that use a special web hosting service provided by the county council. With a brighter, more modern appearance, the new website features contact details for local parish councillors and the parish office, agenda and minutes for meetings, notes on a variety of local services and initiatives and a new message board where residents can ask questions or raise matters of local interest. To take a look at the parish council website CLICK HERE.   (November 15, 2007)

John Pearcy from North Yorkshire has contacted WalmerWeb to seek help in researching the history of his family members who served in the First World War. He says his grandfather lost a leg in the trenches of France and was brought back to a military hospital in Sandwich. It is possible he later spent some time recovering in Walmer. John thinks it might have been in the building in this photo and is hoping someone might be able to come up with a positive identification. One possible clue is what appears to be pinacles on the top corners of (possibly) a square church tower just peeking over the roof ridgeline between the two righthand chimneys. If you think you know the answer, please contact WalmerWeb and we'll pass on the details.  (November 14, 2007)
Mystery building - in Walmer?
Any ideas where this building is? It was possibly
used at one time as a convalescence home.


Walmer parish councillors are reminding local residents of the importance of reporting ALL crimes to the police and remembering to ask for an incident number. They say that this helps to build up an accurate picture of what is really happening in the area.  (November 14, 2007)



The title - "Walmer Design Statement" - might sound a bit stuffy, but the actual publication is anything but! Produced by Walmer Parish Council, the well-illustrated 40-page booklet outlines the historical development of the parish and the buildings and natural features that contribute to its character and, in many people's opinion, make it special. At £4.95, the publication could be just the answer for a small Christmas present. Copies are available from a number of local newsagents and other outlets including the Parish Office.  (November 14, 2007)



There's now a regular monthly opportunity for residents to raise any concerns about local crime and policing. Walmer's Police Community Support Officer Justin Marriott will be holding a "drop in" surgery in Walmer Parish Hall, Dover Road, Walmer from 10am to 12noon on the second Thursday of every month. The next surgery is on Thursday, 13 December.  (November 14, 2007)

Tidal surge on November 9 2007 (photo:  Rob Riddle) Tidal surge on November 9 2007 (photo: Gerry Costa)
Storm tide waves rip into the shingle along Deal
seafront's Prince of Wales Terrace (photo: Rob Riddle)
A close call: as Friday's tidal surge menaces
Beach Street, Deal (photo: Gerry Costa)
As these dramatic photos show, parts of Deal and Walmer were only inches away from flooding when gales and low pressure combined with high tides to create a tidal surge down the east coast of England. On Friday morning, emergency services and residents watched anxiously as the waves crept closer to the seafront promenade and were relieved when any overtopping only produced a few puddles.   (November 10, 2007)

Fund raising by members of the Canterbury branch of the Prostate Cancer Support Association (PSA) is helping to create a speedier scanning service for patients with kidney, bladder, prostate problems. To date, they have raised almost £25,000 with strong support from local Masonic Lodges, Rotary and Lions Clubs, Inner Wheel and Lionesses. The money is being used to provide portable medi-scanners, each costing £7,200, for local hospitals. The equipment is readily available for consultants to scan right away and make an immediate decision about treatment. For patients it cuts out the worrying delay and wait for a special scan appointment at a later date.

On Tuesday, 6 November, local PSA supporters presented their third medi-scanner - this time to the Derry Unit at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Folkestone. The two previous mobile scanners were provided to the oncology and urology departments at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital in Canterbury.

Medi-Scanner presentation (photo: Gerry Costa)

A new Medi-scanner for Folkestone's
Royal Victoria Hospital. Consultants
Mr Krishnan and Mr Deane receive the
portable unit from PSA members.
Walmer resident Gerry Costa is the treasurer of the Canterbury PSA branch. He says "We are told that our medi-scanners are used very regularly and satisfactorily."   (November 10, 2007)


This year's national Fire Safety Week is from 14 to 21 November. Supported by the Fire Protection Association and local fire brigades, the main theme for 2007 is "Check your smoke alarm…!".

Householders will be urged to make a point of checking that their smoke alarm is located in an effective position and functioning properly. And if they haven't got one, not to put off purchasing and fitting one of these life-saving devices. Although all good alarms sound a warning "bleep" when the battery runs low, householders will also be encouraged to get into the habit of pressing the device's test button every week.   (November 8, 2007)



Royal Mail has issued its recommended "last posting dates" for Christmas mail in 2007.

Mail for UK delivery should be in the post by....
Friday 14 December for Standard Parcels
Monday 17 December for Second Class letters
Thursday 20 December for First Class letters
Friday 21 December for Special Delivery (Saturday guarantee)
Saturday 22 December for Special Delivery.

International Airmail "last dates" are.....
Friday 7 December for South & Central America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Far East (except Japan), Australia and New Zealand
Monday 10 December for USA, Canada, Japan and Eastern Europe
Thursday 13 December for Western Europe*.

International Surface Mail "last dates" were and are.....
Monday 1 October for all non-European destinations (except USA, Canada, Middle East, Far East and South Africa)
Monday 15 October for Middle East and Far East (except Hong Kong and Singapore)
Monday 29 October for USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Africa
Friday 16 November for Eastern Europe, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Malta and Iceland
Friday 30 November for Western Europe*.

* For a full listing of all dates for all countries, see Royal Mail website.   (November 2, 2007)



In the latest (November 2007) Walmer Residents' Handbook, a reader draws attention to the "Say No To 0870" service which provides alternative (cheaper) phone numbers to the 0870 ones offered by many organisations as the way to contact them. Regular users of WalmerWeb may have noted some time ago that we have a link to this money-saving service..... and also to a number of other very useful websites. If, for example, you want a postcode, someone's telephone number, the exact time or exchange rates for overseas currencies, a free on-line service is only a click away. To see our full list of "useful services", click here.   (November 2, 2007)



Fowlmead Country Park - the 120-hectare leisure area and nature reserve off the A258 Deal-Sandwich road, a mile north of Deal - has announced its winter opening times. From Sunday, 28 October 2007 to Saturday, 29 March 2008, they are 9am to 4.30pm every day. For more details, see www.fowlmead.co.uk.   (October 30, 2007)



Householders who have not returned their electoral registration forms could be left off the next Register of Electors due to be published on 1 December. Apart from it being a legal requirement for most people to provide their details, not being on the register means you cannot vote in any elections. For more details and online registration see the Dover Council website or call 01304 872344.   (October 25, 2007)



Deal's "Flicks" cinema could be under threat of closure according to reports in the East Kent Mercury local newspaper. The owners of the building, FS Leisure are reported as saying that the cinema has been trading at a loss but, despite this, it could have a future. Staff at the cinema have organised a "save our cinema" petition and claim to have gathered over 1,000 signatures already.   (October 25, 2007)



Regular visitors to the WalmerWeb Forum will probably have spotted that one of its sections is for people seeking information or advice. Among the postings to the "please help" section are requests to help trace old friends and relatives. For example, do any of these names ring bells.... Martin Tapsell, Elizabeth Morgan and Peter, Mary and Chris Holmes?

The usefulness of this section relies on other local residents sharing any information they may have or passing on their own experiences in researching "long lost" friends. To go to the Forum, click here.   (October 24, 2007)



Stephen Misson of Walmer's military band music company Cinque Port Music tells us that the Central Band of the Royal British Legion will be appearing at the Winter Gardens, Margate on Sunday, 4 November at 7.30pm. In what will be their first concert in Margate, the band will be under the baton of Captain David Cole who lives in Kingsdown. David is a former Director of Music of the Band of HM Royal Marines, Portsmouth

The band features top musicians from all over the south of England. Stephen Misson says their programme will include all their most popular pieces since David Cole took over their leadership in March 2006. The finale will be David's popular arrangement of 'The Final Countdown/Love Changes Everything' which was specially arranged for the 1990 Mountbatten Festival of Music in the Royal Albert Hall, London after the bombing of the Deal barracks and eleven deaths of Royal Marines musicians. Tickets are £8, £9 and £10. For more details and to book, contact Stephen on 01304 362181 or .   (October 15, 2007)


Dover District Council is abandoning this year's pre-Christmas free parking scheme in Deal. For several years past, motorists have been able to park free of charge in a number of on-street and off-street car parking areas on three days before Christmas. The scheme was meant to boost local shopping but, according to the council, most traders felt it made no difference. There was also confusion that the free parking didn't operate in the Sainsbury carpark in West Street. (October 11, 2007)



Walmer parish councillors have followed up concerns of a local resident about overflowing litter bins along the seafront at summer weekends and bank holidays. They have asked Dover Council's waste management staff to look into the problem and see if they and their contractors can come up with some answers. Apart from creating a bad impression to visitors, the parish council considered there were health and safety issues from scavenging seagulls. They also thought it would be helpful to have a direct phone number to alert the contractors if unexpected problems arose at weekends. (October 11, 2007)



As a result of a Government decision that all neighbourhoods should have their own dedicated Police Community Support Officer paid for as part of the general policing service, Walmer Parish Council will no longer make a contribution to providing the Walmer PCSO after March 2008. (October 11, 2007)



A new antiques, crafts and collectors fair is being planned for next April on Walmer Green. To be organised by Walmer Parish Council with the help of Deal's market manager Robert Fawcett, the Walmer Brocante, as it is being called, could attract as many as 150 stalls and 5000 visitors. The proposed date is Sunday, 20 April, from 8am to 4pm. (October 11, 2007)



Fowlmead Country Park near Sholden is organising a programme of activities for nine- to 13-year-olds in the half term holidays. Under the watchful eyes of trained and accredited youth leaders, participants will be able to enjoy a wide range of activities including bushcraft, archery, scavenger hunts, nature exploration and fun games. The sessions are from Monday 22 to Friday 26 October and cost £20 a day which includes a bacon roll breakfast. Youngsters can take part on any or all of the five days. Parents need to drop off children between 8.30am and 9am and collect them at 5.30pm. For more details and to book, see www.fowlmead.co.uk. (October 11, 2007)



Walmer residents will breathe a sigh of relief that their local post office is NOT included in the 58 branches in Kent earmarked for closure in plans announced by Royal Mail yesterday (Tuesday, 2 October).

Neighbouring areas are not so lucky, though. Post Offices under threat include:
Great Mongeham: Mongeham Farm, Great Mongeham, Deal;
Upper Deal: 311 London Road, Deal;
The Duke of York's School, Guston, Dover;
New Bridge: 15 Bench Street, Dover; and
Tower Hamlets: 14 West Street, Dover.

They feature in the first of 36 announcements due to be made over the next nine months that will see a total of 2,500 post offices threatened with closure. The government says cuts are needed as the current 14,000-strong network has been losing £4million a week. Six-week public consultations will be held in all affected areas before the final decisions are made, although critics are anticipating that the majority of the branches named will be axed.

Interviewed by The Daily Telegraph, Mr Chris Saville, 60, the sub-post master at Great Mongeham, admitted that his post office lost money. He said: “The nearest post office is over a mile away in Mill Hill. And there is not a direct bus connection. The pensioners in the village will suffer.” (October 3, 2007)


Supporters of the Helping Hands Quilt Project got together in Walmer on Thursday, 20 September to hand over their latest batch of hand-crafted patchwork quilts to the representatives of two charities.

Helping Hands organiser Terrance Gilbert hosted the event at his Church Street home. He said: "In all, 79 quilts were given - some to the Maidstone Christian Care and others to the Fostering Network, the former Fostercare Association which deals with children in care all over the UK."

He added: "Some of the quilts were the result of Helping Hands days I've held in Walmer and no small number were thanks to the sterling work of the Aldington Quilters group."

The English branch of Helping Hands was started by Terrance in 1994, with the agreement of renowned American quilter Becky Brown who had devised the original scheme in Richmond, Virginia. Since then, with good support from a number of quilters in East Kent, over 1,200 quilts in all sizes, colours and styles have been made and donated to worthy causes.

Terrance says he likes to make the hand-over days an enjoyable social occasion. Apart from a very full lunch, there's a "show-and-tell" session where people can admire and learn about the techniques used and agree which charity receives which quilt. At the latest event, the Maidstone charity's prime involvement with adults and the Fostering Network's concern for youngsters, meant assigning each quilt tended to centre on which age group it would appeal to most.

Terrance and his volunteer quilters will be holding two quilt making workshops in Walmer for the Helping Hands project in coming months - one on Saturday, 6 October and another in March 2008. (September 25, 2007)

Terrance Gilbert and the latest batch of charity quilts
Quilts galore! Terrance Gilbert with
the 79 quilts destined for worthy causes.
The results of patchworking skill by the Helping Hands supporters
Showing and telling: as the quilts
are shared between charities.


National stationers and newsagent WH Smith has announced that it is planning to open a new branch in the former Currys store in Deal High Street. The company expects to be up and running by late October. (September 21, 2007)



The Deal and District Lioness Club are holding a charity quiz night on Saturday, 22 September at 7.30pm at the Royal British Legion, Market Street, Deal. The £5 entrance fee includes a buffet supper. To book a table (and help the organisers plan their catering), please ring 01304 373925.

All monies raised will go to the Timeball Tower which currently has no funding from Dover District Council. Lioness Club supporter Kirk Aitkenhead says: "The Timeball Tower is one of only three in the world and is a focal point on the Deal sea front. It would be a great shame to lose it, so we are really hoping people will support our event." (September 21, 2007)



It could be "back to the drawing board" for the Environment Agency's proposals for sea flooding defences along the local coastline. District councillors have said they are particularly unhappy with the idea of a four-foot high sea wall along much of Deal's seafront between Deal Castle and the Pier. The Agency is currently consulting the public on a range of measures that it believes will be needed in coming years. See more in our earlier news item below... (September 21, 2007)


Walmer residents Gerry and Viki Costa were among the close on 200 walkers taking part in a 'Fun Walk' in aid of Cancer Research UK on Sunday, 2 September. After completing the course from the Memorial Bandstand on Walmer Green to the Zetland Arms at Kingsdown and back, participants were rewarded with free tea and bacon rolls at the Deal Betteshanger Lions Rugby Club.

Gerry says that it was extremely well organised and estimates that well over £1,000 will have been raised during the morning. He added: "It was a very friendly walk, full of good cheer and showed the commitment of the community for this first effort. I'm sure it will be repeated in years to come, and will grow to a big event." (September 3, 2007)
SEE MORE PICTURES of this event - in our new local events album.

Fun Walk participants (photo: Gerry Costa)

Gerry took a camera along and his picture
of some of the walkers is featured here.


"The Last Pier" - an exhibition celebrating the 50 years of Deal Pier from 1957 to 2007 - is at Deal Maritime and Local History Museum, St Georges Road, Deal until Wednesday, 31 October (open Mondays-Fridays 2pm-5pm and Saturdays 11am-5pm). Admission is £2 (concessions £1).   (August 31, 2007)


Local residents are being invited to have their say on new proposals by the Environment Agency for dealing with the risks of sea flooding and erosion along the coast from Pegwell Bay to Kingsdown. The Agency's views on what needs to be done to maintain or improve sea defences are set out in a consultation document "Pegwell Bay to Kingsdown Coastal Strategy", prepared jointly with Dover District Council.

Copies can be inspected at Deal Library and obtained by logging onto the Environment Agency's website at: www.environment-agency.gov.uk/yourenv/consultations or by phoning 08708 506506.

There is also a public display of the proposed strategy at Deal Town Hall, High Street, Deal on Tuesday, 11 September from 2pm to 8pm.

If people wish to comment, they should write to Pegwell Bay to Kingsdown Strategy, Environment Agency, Endeavour Park, London Road, Addington, West Malling, Kent ME19 5SH by 12 October 2007. (August 31, 2007)


Walmer Parish Council is now up to "full strength" following the co-option of two new members. They are Councillor Marguerite Beard-Gould of 132 Dover Road, Walmer and Councillor Mrs Celia Harris of 413 Dover Road, Walmer. Details of all 15 members of the parish council can be seen on its official website at www.walmercouncil.co.uk.   (August 26, 2007)



Hundreds of local residents turned out on Saturday, 18 August for the third year of Walmer's big annual get-together, the Community Picnic on Walmer Green. From 1pm to 4pm, people were entertained with live music, sideshows and games and a range of displays by local voluntary groups. Many decided to take advantage of the mostly bright weather and settle for a picnic on the grass. The free event is organised by Walmer Parish Council.   (August 18, 2007)

Walmer Picnic 2007 (photo: Harold Wyld) Walmer Picnic 2007 (photo: Harold Wyld)
Walmer Picnic 2007 (photo: Harold Wyld) Walmer Picnic 2007 (photo: Harold Wyld)
Walmer residents turn out for the 2007 Picnic on Walmer Green (photos by Harold Wyld)
SEE MORE PICTURES of this event - in our new local events album.


The BBC Kent website and the regional news programme BBC South East Today say they are keen to hear from people with interesting local stories to tell. This, for example, could be about local volunteers, an unusual story from the past, an anniversary of a significant historical event or some big achievement.

BBC journalist Robert Leslie says: "We create regular video features which are published on the BBC Kent website and occasionally on BBC South East Today. You can see some examples of video pieces we have recently done at: www.bbc.co.uk/kent/features and www.bbc.co.uk/kent/videonation."

To get in touch with Robert and discuss a story idea, call him on 01892 675603 or send an .   (August 17, 2007)



A display by local photographer Nigel May held in The Alma public house in West Street, Deal, on 10-12 August, raised just over £1400 for the Demelza House children's hospice near Sittingbourne. Nigel's event was included in the coming events listings on WalmerWeb which may have helped to attract some of the people who attended. Nigel says he'd like to give "a very big thank you" to everyone who came along to support his photographic exhibition.   (August 17, 2007)



IWC Media, makers of Channel 4’s ‘Location, Location, Location’, have been commissioned by the BBC to make a new property series, ‘Homes Live’. The new daytime show will go out on BBC One live every day in October. They are looking for homeowners in the area who would be interested in taking part.

Possible participants are people who are currently selling their home and moving within the next few weeks and would be interested in returning to see what the new owners have done with the property. Or purchasers who are about to move into a property and would like to invite the vendor back to see what changes they have made.

The programme makers would film with the vendor in their home before they leave and then with the purchaser once they have moved in. They would then return some time later with the original owner to let them see how different the property looks.

For further information, please call Keira Hutchison on 0141 353 8484 or alternatively e-mail hotproperty@iwcmedia.co.uk to request a call back. Please ensure you supply a daytime contact number.   (August 14, 2007)

2007  Carnival ends with a rainbow (photo: Gerry Costa)
Walmer resident Gerry Costa captured this photo of the stunning rainbow over Deal just as this year's Carnival Parade on Thursday, 26 July was ending and the sun came out.    (August 5, 2007)


Deal and Walmer Chamber of Commerce has relaunched its parking refund scheme. Shoppers who use one of Dover Council's Deal carparks fitted with dual-ticket machines can claim the cost of an hour's parking when they spend £10 or more with participating shops and services. Businesses taking part display a bright yellow poster.    (August 5, 2007)



Local residents will be able to read about Walmer Parish Council's activities over the past 12 months when the Council's latest annual report brochure drops though their letter boxes any day now. Door-to-door distribution is due to start on Monday, 16 July.    (July 16, 2007)


A request from Dover Council for Walmer Parish Council to help towards the cost of replacing concrete waste bins along the seafront has been rejected. Although parish councillors agreed with the idea of replacing the present ugly and impractical bins, they believed this was a district council responsibility. Parish Council funds should only be offered for extra new bins, not for replacements.    (July 16, 2007)


Following concerns by Walmer parish councillors over the poor state of the cycle path at Wellington Parade, Kent Highways have filled pot holes and say they'll monitor the route over the next few months. The Highways staff suggest that long term options might be to provide a proper "black top" surface or re-route the track onto the Kingsdown Road if money could found.

Parish councillors are not in favour of the second idea and are suggesting to the Highways team that a new track on the seaward side of the bollards at Wellington Parade might be even better.    (July 16, 2007)


This year's visit by the Band of the Royal Marines, Portsmouth to the Memorial Bandstand on Walmer Green has been hailed as the "best yet". A crowd of around 5,000 turned out on Sunday, 8 July to see the band give their annual concert and perform the historic Beating Retreat ceremony.   (July 12, 2007)


In 1988 Colin Skinner, of Station Road, Walmer, walked 6,000 miles across Britain and America to raise awareness of hospices. Starting on 29 April 2007 he set off to walk those 6,000 miles again and has just completed a brisk 900 miles in six weeks to reach Land's End.

Colin has written a book about his experiences, called 'Beyond the Setting Sun' and featuring an introduction by Sir Ranulph Fiennes, the renowned polar explorer. The book tells of how Colin journeyed, with just a tent and a backpack for company, from the ancient burial sites of Scotland, through New York, the Great Lakes, the Plains, the Rocky Mountains in winter, through the Grand Canyon, Death Valley and over the Sierras on snowshoes. In Death Valley, down to his last $15, he found $200 by the roadside. On a wing and a prayer he survived temperatures from 104 degrees to 30 below zero.

Colin says the aim of his walk and book is to help as many people as possible to receive compassionate care as they face living with serious illness. Five thousand books have been printed and 600 have been sold in the last few weeks, raising £3,000 for the Pilgrims Hospices in Kent. The books are £10, with £5 going to the hospices. Books can be ordered or by phone on 01304 389282.    (July 11, 2007)


WalmerWeb likes to pass on local news. But we need your help. A few people are very good about letting us know about local happenings. That's why you'll frequently read about the activities of the South Foreland Rotary Club which has a number of local members in Walmer.

So, whatever your news - and it can be about almost anything from achievements and big events to local concerns and demands for action - please use our news report form to let us know.    (July 6, 2007)



South Foreland Rotary Club has a new president. He's Peter West, 60, from Dover who took up his new honorary appointment on 1 July. Peter originally came from Hornchurch, Essex. He moved to Dover as a police officer in 1975 where he met his wife Eileen. He later ran his own driver training company until 1998 when he and Eileen entered ordained ministry as Salvation Army officers. They served together at Caterham, and Sevenoaks before returning to Dover in 2004 to re-establish the Salvation Army in the town.

Peter also leads the Salvation Army emergency response team for the South East of England. He was amongst the first to respond to the April Earthquake emergency in Folkestone.

He joined the Rotary Club of South Foreland in 1996, transferring to the Rotary Clubs of Caterham and then Sevenoaks before rejoining his original club in 2004. His other hobbies include music (playing and listening) and DIY, he is a Governor at a local primary school and a trustee of South East Kent YMCA. He is also studying a part-time degree course with the University of Kent. Eileen and Peter have two children: James, who studied horticulture and now works for English Heritage at Walmer Castle and Marion who is a Civil Servant and, with her husband, hopes to train for ordained ministry in the Salvation Army.    (July 6, 2007)



The Band of HM Royal Marines makes its annual visit to Walmer and Deal on Sunday (8 July). The big event at Walmer Green regularly draws huge crowds. This year's concert and Beating Retreat starts at 2pm.    (July 6, 2007)



There's an opportunity for people to hear about local initiatives to improve community safety and tackle anti-social behaviour when Deal Neighbourhood Forum meets on Monday, 16 July in Deal Welfare Club, Cowdray Square, Deal. Organised by the KCC and Dover Council, the meeting is at 7pm and open to the public. For more information, see www.kent.gov.uk/localboards or call Louise Bolton on 01622 221947.    (July 6, 2007)