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WalmerWeb can help you "spread the word"

The aim of the WalmerWeb website is to provide a wide-ranging and up-to-date source of information on the parish of Walmer and, where appropriate, the neighbouring town of Deal and the immediate surrounding area.

Using the links in the menu on the left opens pages covering numerous topics - ranging from coming events to local history, from local shopping and business services to clubs and societies, from visitor information on what to see and where to stay to contacts for vital public services.

Keeping all this information fresh and up-to-date is quite a task... and we are especially grateful for the good folk who tell us when they spot something that needs changing or adding. Equally important, if you are involved with a local club or voluntary group, run a business or offer a local service, WalmerWeb could be really helpful in gaining free on-line publicity.

Here's how....

Coming events: WalmerWeb has month-by-month listings of events in and near Walmer. Inclusion is free and the same listings are used by the DealWeb and Walmer Parish Council websites. For more details, please CLICK HERE.
Local news: WalmerWeb has a page especially for items of news that will be of interest to local residents. The same news also appears on the DealWeb website. To submit information for possible inclusion, please CLICK HERE. (If you also want to provide photographs over the Internet, please use the e-mail link in the "Photographs" section below.)
Clubs and societies: Contact details for clubs, societies and voluntary groups serving Walmer are listed on WalmerWeb. Inclusion is free. For more details, please CLICK HERE.
Local shops and businesses: WalmerWeb is pleased to support local businesses and features free listings for shops and commercial services, visitor accommodation and pubs and restaurants. Please check the relevant pages and contact us if you require a new or updated entry. We do not accept paid advertising; inclusion in the listings is genuinely free of charge.
Photographs: We welcome photographs for possible use on our news and photo album pages. Although there is no payment for inclusion, we do acknowledge you as the photographer and, of course, the copyright remains yours. If submitting photographs as attachments to an e-mail, please reduce any original camera images to around 600 to 700 pixels wide. To contact us by e-mail, please
Suggestions for new content, photographs, updated information and other material and topics for possible inclusion on WalmerWeb are warmly invited and much appreciated. Local history items are especially welcome. To contact the Webmaster, please CLICK HERE.
Safeguarding your privacy: WalmerWeb does not publish or provide contributors' details to third parties without prior agreement. Where any e-mail addresses are published on WalmerWeb, it is our normal policy to "mask" addresses so that they cannot be collected by automated spam gathering robots but remain available to genuine users. This greatly reduces the risk of being added to spammers' e-mailing lists. You can read our Privacy Policy in more detail, here.

Our coverage: Just a reminder that WalmerWeb is a LOCAL website and normally only features material that directly relates to Walmer and the immediate surrounding area. So, sorry, if your event or club or news item is from further afield, we are very unlikely to be able to include it.

      This page was updated on December 13, 2014