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Want to get the exact time... or a post code... or check overseas money exchange rates?
Or maybe you'd like to find a phone number... or read an on-line national newspaper?
WalmerWeb can help... with this page of useful links and interactive widgets...
The time at Walmer
You can also
See the current time
anywhere in the world.

The time for London (and Walmer) is displayed initially.
Tide times for UK
Check high and low tides
aroundthe UK coast.
Weather locally
The latest forecast from
the Met Office.
On-line BBC News
See the latest national and
local Kent news from the BBC.
(opens in a new page)
Find a day of the Week
Enter the Day: (1-31)
Enter the Month: (1-12)
Enter the Year: (4 digits)
Day of Week:

Ever wonder what day you were born on?
Or what day of the week Christmas Day will fall on next year?

Simply type in day, month and year numbers.
Then click the Calculate button.

The software code for this widget uses the Gregorian Calendar and will determine the day of the week for any date from 1753, up to the present and into the future.

VAT Calculator #1
Use this calculator to work out the total cost of a product with VAT added on when you have only been given prices before VAT.


VAT Calculator #2
Use this calculator when you have been given the total cost including VAT and you wish to work out the NET value.

Net Cost of Goods
Delivery Charge
VAT Rate %
VAT on Goods
VAT on Delivery
Goods + Delivery (Net)
Total VAT
Total Cost of Order

The VAT rate is currently set for 20% but you can type in other rates if you want to. This makes the calculators useful for working out things like percentage mark-up on goods and services and returns on savings interest rates.
Calculator code courtesy of: www.online-calculators.co.uk
Total Cost
Goods Value Incl. VAT
Delivery Charge Incl. VAT
VAT Rate %
Total VAT
VAT on Goods
VAT on Delivery
Total Net Cost of Order
Net Value of Goods
Net Value of Delivery
Currency Converter   National Lottery results
An on-line service that enables you to check
latest exchange rates for a wide range of currencies.
  Check winning numbers for
the UK and European lotteries.
BT phone directory   Phone nos worldwide
Find UK phone numbers - free.   Find phone numbers in other countries.
Post Code finder   Hoax Slayer
Free  Royal Mail service - requires signing up.   Check for Internet hoaxes and scams.
Newspaper links   Television and Radio Listings
Links to on-line editions of UK national newspapers.   Radio Times on-line listings for all
UK radio and television services.
Broadband speed checkers

Pick one or more of these on-line broadband speed checkers to test your connection.
NB: results can vary depending on time of day, other users logged into your service and current activity on your computer (e.g. multiple progams open). The links open in a new window and may require Adobe Flash to be available.

Ookla Speedtest
Please note that many of the sites featured here are outside of the WalmerWeb website. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that links are only made to reputable sites, WalmerWeb is not responsible for the content of those sites nor for any agreements or transactions entered into by users. Use of any services on this page is at the users' own risk.
Some of the links on this page rely on JavaScript and pop-up windows and, if you experience problems, these services may need to be enabled in your browser.

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